How can existing users upgrade?  What does it cost?

What if I don't want to upgrade now?


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How can existing MasterMine users upgrade?

MasterMine End-Users with Annual Maintenance may upgrade for FREE.  Just download the current MasterMine v7.0 from this website, install over the existing software, and call toll-free (877) 877-7212 for a v7.0 license number.

Users without Annual Maintenance may receive the upgrade immediately for 40% of the current equivalent-seat retail price. At the same time, you may initiate or re-instate Annual Maintenance for 20% of the software price, which makes you elligible for lower-cost support and free interim upgrades.

What is the cost to upgrade if not on maintenance?

When you purchase the version 7.x software, you can "trade in" your previous version of MasterMine. Start with the full price, then deduct for previous purchases at the following rates:

80% of the price you paid for Version 6 more than 30 days ago    
60% of Version 5 software
40% of Version 4 software
20% of Version 3 software

You can optionally get annual maintenance for 10% more instead of the normal 40% reinstatement fee, if purchased at the same time as the upgrade.

What if my clients or I don't want to upgrade to Version 7.0 now?

a) Upgrading to v7.0, while extremely beneficial for the end-user (many of the improvements are in response to user requests), is entirely optional.

b) To keep receiving updates most economically, keep your MasterMine annual mainteance current.  Note that re-joining MasterMine maintenance costs twice as much as renewal if maintenance is allowed to lapse.

c) WARNING: If you download and install v7.0 over version 6.x or earlier, it will cease to function until the license is upgraded.  Please contact us promptly to get your version 7 license number.  MasterMine does not provide free services to restore invalidated MasterMine installations.
Highlights of MasterMine version 7.0:

MasterMine Version 7.0 - What's new?
What were the highlights of V6.x?
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Note:  This is NOT a comprehensive list of new features but merely highlights.  For a complete list of new features see release documentation contained in the download.

The new release also includes compatibility and bug fixes for the latest versions of GoldMine, Excel and Windows.
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