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MasterMine Software, "Business Management & Reporting For GoldMine"

Once you've collected lots of data in GoldMine, getting useful information back out can be a challenge. Report generators can be difficult to learn and slow to work with, and they don't provide a way to interact with GoldMine records through their reports, to fix data or address problems uncovered with analysis.

MasterMine is an award-winning, easy-to-use management tool, built specifically for GoldMine. It's the easiest, fastest way both to get information from GoldMine AND to manage your GoldMine database.  Combining both reporting and convenient database management functions makes MasterMine an indispensable add-on for GoldMine managers.

With MasterMine, you easily extract any GoldMine information into "flexible" tables, lists, and charts, leveraging the built-in analysis and presentation capabilities of Excel. Your reports integrate so tightly with GoldMine, you can drill right through them to actual GoldMine records, or easily build GoldMine groups!

- Executives get quick reports, summaries, and detail listings at a moment's notice
- GoldMine adminstrators save days on database clean-up and report creation
- Sales Managers analyze sales activities in seconds
- Marketing Managers easily comprehend their database of prospects, and turn report segments into
     GoldMine groups for target marketing
- Report *users* of any skill level can launch, view and print reports with no training (just hit a toolbar icon)
     and even make simple report changes on the fly!

Thousands use MasterMine every day to get the most from their hard-won GoldMine data and manage their businesses better. Visit Or call (877) 877-7212.

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MasterMine Software, "Business Management & Reporting For GoldMine"

MasterMine is the easiest, fastest way to get and share business-critical information from GoldMine - a MUST for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and report specialists. Beyond reporting, MasterMine is an essential top-down GoldMine management tool.

With this award-winning GoldMine enhancement you not only create reports in seconds from any information in your database, but also change these "live" reports on-the-fly, to "dig deeper" where standard reports leave off. MasterMine reports are so GoldMine-interactive, you can drill right through to specific GoldMine records or build complex GoldMine groups.

Infinite time-saving uses include simple reports, on-the-fly analysis, 1-button graphing, data quality management, database segmentation and group record processing. See how MasterMine completes GoldMine as a data collection AND information management system, making daily management of your business activities and accumulated customer contacts easier and more valuable than you ever thought possible.

Sign up for a FREE online demo at and a FREE 14 -day trial of the software!
*Requires MS Office 97 or above; GoldMine® 4.x or Above,  and 128 MB RAM.
MasterMine Software, "Business Management & Reporting For GoldMine"

- Build reports in seconds, instead of hours
- Live-integrated reports that link back to GoldMine
- Easily build GoldMine groups and lists from any report segment
- Simply drag-and-drop fields to change or re-format existing reports
- Clean-up your database within just a few clicks

SAVES TIME AND EFFORT creating reports, managing people, and cleaning up your database!

Free, online demo at
Requires MS Office 97 or above; GoldMine® 4.x or above,  and 128 MB RAM.

"Business Management & Reporting For GoldMine"

Easy, On-The-Fly Reports You Don't Need An "Expert" To Create

Create Reports, Lists, and Summaries yourself in seconds, not hours!
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MasterMine is a GoldMine-integrated business management and reporting solution that solves the biggest problem with GoldMine:  How to get information out of your database and make it useful.
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Data Mining
Business Intelligence
Integrated Reporting and Data Manipulation
"What-If" Analysis
Pivot-Table Reporting
Excel-based Reporting
Reports with links back into GoldMine
Dynamic Report Structures in Excel
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