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MasterMine Software, Inc.'s Joint Dealer Promotion is set up to help your company easily and quickly bring value to your clients while generating revenue for your company.  It is laid out in 4 easy steps.
Step 1.  Our support team will create three custom marketing elements:
a. an e-mail template that leads users to your company
b. a streaming flash demonstration that ends at your company's co-branded Web page
c. a co-branded Demo Request Web page listed in our International Dealer Locator

Click here to see the CUSTOM E-MAIL and the complete promotion.

Step 2.  Link to the co-branded page from your Website using text links, buttons, or our Web graphics.  Click here to see GRAPHICS FOR YOUR WEBSITE.

Step 3.  Send the custom branded e-mail to your company's client base.  You will receive automatic notification of all responses, and we'll include you in online demos, so you can follow up to close.

You receive FULL MARGINS for all sales we achieve through this promotion.

Step 4.  For more follow-up, we can provide a pre-printed post card brochure/invitation for an online demo to your clients.  Contact the support team for more info.
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