2. 2-minute Flash Demo

3. Hard Copy to Hand Out

      Click these items to download ducuments you can distribute to your clients
to help explain MasterMine.
4. Resources for your Website

  A. The simplest way to add MasterMine to your website is to request a MasterMine Dealer
page connected to our end user site. You can also link to our 2-minute Camtasia demo.
Example Dealer page
MasterMine Demo

  B. Get Text, Logos and MasterMine Graphics you can use on your own website to promote

  C. You may also freely link to our end-user website, www.mastermine.net.

Decision Support White Paper (PDF)
Decision Support White Paper (PDF)
Who Needs MasterMine? (Doc)
Who Needs MasterMine? (Doc)
Put this self-executing 2-minute video introduction to MasterMine on your desktop:  run at every training class, every demo, every GoldMine presentation.

Easily makes the point that GoldMine + MasterMine BEATS any CRM system in its class.
6. Your requests and suggestions for more supporting material are welcome!

Email us for more marketing materials.
Marketing Materials

Point clients to our End User Website for initial information.  In addition to the actual MasterMine demo (just install MasterMine, it runs for 4 days), use the following:

1. E-Mail Templates:

Click here to get our newest html email! - It will come up in a new browser window. To save         it right click on it and choose "view source". It should come up in a text editor (Word,                 Notepad, Wordpad, etc...). From there you can copy and paste it into an email.

      Use these pre-written e-mail templates to quickly raise interest among existing clients.

      Idea: Download and change the contact info on the last screen of this demo/tutorial to your
              own, then attach it your e-mail as a quick, no-install, hands-on demo.
5. Case Studies

Our case studies are actual success stories contributed by MasterMine resellers.
       Click here to learn how others have made MasterMine a key to their success.

Marketing  Toolkit
MasterMine is:




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