Installation Support  

Your installation should be quick and painless, but just in case, we offer these resources:.

Online knowledgebase: Fast, easy, 24/7 searchable support database.

Installation issues not solved there are handled free by e-mailing us at

Or call MasterMine phone support at (877) 877-7212 ext 2.  Reach us between 8:30 and 5:30 CST. 

For post-installation support, see your live support options HERE.
2. Install Microsoft Office on the target workstations including the following non-default items. 

Office 97 (SR-2)    MSQuery
    Data Access Components (select ALL)

Office 2000, XP,    MSQuery   (set to "Run From My Computer")  MasterMine's installer
       2003 and 2007      automatically requests the Office CD-ROM if this component is missing.

3. Launch GoldMine as normal and log in under the MasterMine user's name.

4. Run the self-extracting Mastermine installer file to put the following files into the directory you designate (typically, c:\Program Files\MasterMine):
Web Distribution

MasterMine is distributed only via web download. All necessary components, including the full user manual, are installed from one downloadable "package". 

No distribution medium or hardcopy manual will be mailed to end users.
Installation Guide

The procedure for procuring MasterMine is as follows:

1. Download the current MasterMine software from our user website,
  File Description                                                       
MasterMine.exe      MasterMine executable.  The same installation acts as a
demo, and can be licensed to release full functionality.

MMvx_Manual.pdf          User manual, installation guide and reference in one.

O97_Limitations.doc       Explanation of Office 97 limitations vs later Office capabilities

InstallHelp.pdf Quick help on installation for end-users
5. Install to the Workstation: The installer component will launch automatically after self-extracting, unless you stop the process by unchecking it on the "Close" screen.  If all necessary MSOffice components are present, the installation will place the appropriate files into (by default) c:\program files\MasterMine\. and c:\program files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX\Library. 

(If Office 97 is detected, MasterMine will show an informational notice about Office 97 limitations. The installer includes a document, O97_Limitations.doc, which details why later Office versions are better.  For most users, however, Office 97 Service Release 2 has all necessary functionality.)
6. Update MMINI.xls (MasterMine's "ini" file):

A. SQL installations:  You need to input a read-write enabled username/password combination for the SQL server.  If this does not work for some reason, you can update the MMINI file (tab: GMSQL) by hand.  For GoldMine installations with multiple SQL contact sets, you may enter multiple rows of information in the MMINI.xls. 

B. Demos: If you won't be licensing right away, enter YOUR company name and phone number on the "MasterMine" tab under VARName and VARPhone, so that clients who use the demo are directed to call YOU when ready to purchase (when they hit the "Register" button).

C. Multiple workstation installs: For convenience with multiple seat MasterMine installations, create a "master" MMINI.xls that reflects these settings and copy it to the same folder as your installer (Mastermine40.exe) file (on a network or CD-ROM).  The installer will overwrite the generic MMINI.xls with your "master" automatically for all future installations.
7. MasterMine Launches automatically, after copying the necessary files to the hard drive.

The first time MasterMine runs, a MasterMine add-in (MasterMinelib_v2.xla) will be installed in Excel.  Also, two new menu items will be installed in the GoldMine user's "View" menu.  These will appear the next time the user logs into GoldMine.

If for any reason the process is stopped before finishing, it will be necessary to launch MasterMine.exe from the location you selected, typically c:\Program Files\MasterMine.  From then on, MasterMine is launched only from the GoldMine "View" menu.
8. Register: Given the option to run "Demonstration Only" or "Register Now", select the latter to license immediately.  Contact Us to obtain a license number.

9. Troubleshooting: If you encounter any difficulties, try the online knowledgebase at our website first.

Licensing & Payment 

MasterMine license numbers are linked to the end-user's GoldMine master license.  Site licenses require as many seats as there are GoldMine seats, "Name-user" licenses (which cost more per seat) do not.  See pricing on the End User website.  

Reports can be shared among MasterMine users as long as the path to the data remains the same for each user. On dBase systems, reports are stored centrally, within the GoldMine database structure.  For SQL systems, reports are stored on the local users' workstation by default.  However, these may also be stored on the server at some agreed location.

MasterMine named-user licenses come in 5-seat bundles, (except for the minimum 3-seat pack).  Named-user Licenses may be expanded by increments of 5 seats.  See the pricelist on our website.

To license, Contact Us at the time of install or registration, to exchange license numbers and make your payment by credit card at the same time. A settlement receipt is e-mailed along with confirmation of the license number, immediately after payment is received.

MasterMine's uninstall will remove all MasterMine program files and the Excel add-in.  From the "Start" menu, select "Programs", "MasterMine for GoldMine", and "Remove MasterMine for GoldMine".
To complete the uninstall, you will need to perform some additional manual adjustments:
GoldMine "View" menu references to MasterMine must be removed from the file yourname.ini in the GoldMine folder using any text editor.  If other custom menu items exist (they would be listed under [Filemenu] in the .ini) be sure to leave them sequenced properly starting with Opt1, Opt2, etc.

When uninstalling MasterMine, you will also need to manually remove the reference to the MasterMine add-in in Excel.  In Excel, go to the Tools menu, select "Add-ins", de-select "MasterMineLib" and hit OK.

To remove the MasterMine toolbar from Excel, go to the Tools menu, select "Customize" and on the "Toolbars" tab, find MasterMine.  Select it and hit the "Delete" button and "Close".

Uninstall will not remove *.xls files initiated and saved from MasterMine templates after installation is complete. .  By default, these files are located (for dBase) in "MasterMine" sub-folders of the contacts sets to which they refer or (for SQL) in the folder indicated by "SaveTo" in MMINI.xls.
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