Become A MasterMine Reseller
Become a MasterMine reseller today!
Follow steps listed below to join the Dealer Program.:

You may sell MasterMine to a GoldMine client without a formal dealer agreement.
At a minimum, you must qualify as a legitimate multi-client GoldMine consultant.

For top benefits, of course, you must be a fully qualified GoldMine VAR, authorized by FrontRange.

1.  Read and agree to MasterMine's Dealer Program Rules.

2.  Understand MasterMine's Program Details.

3.  Schedule a FREE one-on-one MasterMine training.

4.  Create a dedicated area within your Website linking to and supporting MasterMine.  Website links are commonly directed to the custom built "request a demo" pages.  Click on the following link for an example of a custom page:

5.  Set up and attend a one-on-one demo with an interested client of your company.

6.  Schedule a time to send out a custom email or postal marketing blast to all of your company's known GoldMine users in your company's database.

If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us directly.