Sell  MasterMine In  6  Easy  Steps
6. Place Your First Order

    Use the Online Order Form,  or Call us toll-free at 877-877-7212 x 210
    or e-mail the following information:

a. End User Info:  End-user name, company, address, phone, e-mail
b. GoldMine License Number
c. Credit Card Info:Visa, MasterCard, or American Express (optionally by phone)

    Within four working hours, you'll have the license code to turn your client's installed demo into live software.
4. Present MasterMine to Clients

The MasterMine staff is here to help you perform presentations.  You set up the time and let us do all the rest!  Just call us with your client's information and let us help you bring in the sale.  We encourage you to join in.  Your company will always get full comissions even if we do the presention for you!  Click HERE to learn how we do the presentations for you.

You can also do a MasterMine demo on your own.  Click on here on Six Clix Demo to learn how.
Use the resources we've created for you, to make all your presentations easy:

a. Link a customized co-branded Web page to your own website.
b. Play the 2-minute flash demo at training and presentations.
c. Download and install MasterMine in demo mode (good for 4 days after third use) at your client's site.
d. Schedule us to join you and your client in a live-online (via WebConference) presentation.
3. Get Online Training

Learn how powerful MasterMine can be for you and your clients.  Learn how MasterMine can even help you earn new GoldMine business!

Schedule 1-hour Basic Training, (FREE as part of the Dealer Program).
Gives you enough knowledge to sell MasterMine as a reporting, data clean-up, and analytical tool.

Additional Training is available. 
Competent MasterMine Pro's can provide clients with much more powerful reports in a fraction of the time required for Crystal or GoldMine report development.
2. Install MasterMine for Your Own Use

Join our Dealer Program. VAR Program includes free training, NFR copies, tech support, and more.  Use the NFR to analyze and clean up your own GoldMine data while you learn!
1. Learn What MasterMine Can Do

Check out the 2-Minute FLASH Presentation!

Schedule yourself and/or your whole staff for an online training.
Call Rob Machalek at (877) 877 7212 x 212
All You Need To Get Started Is Here!
  ...on MasterMine positioning vs other options.
  ... FAQs
  ... Online Knowledgebase.
  ...request GoldMine partner password for exclusive VAR program information
MasterMine is:



5. Create a MasterMine Quote

Creating a MasterMine quote can be challenging because every client has different needs.  The MasterMine staff is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  When considering how many seats your client could use or need, Click HERE for some things to every quote.
Become a MasterMine Dealer!

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